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This week we read Madeline.

We actually own two copies of this book, and have read it many, many times before. But, I couldn’t believe I have never really gone into depth with it. This entire time my kids assumed Miss Clavel was the mother and all of the little girls were sisters. I never thought to ask them where they think Madeleine lives and why she’s there!

This was a fun week for us all, and I had to stop myself from checking out yet another book from our local library that would compliment this Unit Study.


We read Madeline and found France on a map. We talked about the Seine River and compared it to the Yangtze River from last week’s lesson. And again talked about why cities are located by major rivers. I showed them what a French flag looks like and gave them some adorable peg dolls to play with. We also checked out an awesome aerial view of the Eiffel Tower here.


We talked about human relationships and how we can show compassion. Children are already naturally caring, but we thought of different ways we could help someone in need. An elderly neighbor in need of companionship or help with yard work, a handwritten card to cheer up a sick friend, or my three year old suggested cleaning her room for her tired mama.
We talked about how different life was like when Madeline was written in 1933 and noticed some differences and similarities in our cultures. The kids practiced symmetry with peg dolls, and then had fun creating their own city in France with these gorgeous paper city scenes.
Another bonus learning moment was finding half past nine on a clock. We aslo lightly touched on division, counted to 10 in French, learned this french song, and made the most delicious crepes for breakfast. Also, we listened to vintage French music. ? practically all week long, and never tired of it.


We baked these Madeleine cookie/cakes for poetry tea time. I didn’t have the right pan so we made them in mini muffin tins. Then we noticed that they ended up looking like the cute hats Madeline and her friends wear! ?
I invited the kids to glance through some books of art by Monet. We read some very cute poems that inspired us to create our own while each of us took turns adding a sentence or two. This was really fun and created a ton of giggles all around.

Then we pulled out the paint and channeled our inner Monet! Wednesday is our favorite day of the week.


This was our science day, We talked about the appendix and appendicitis. Before our lesson started, I snuck away to draw a tiny scar on my side (with a washable marker). They were in shock and awe when I showed them what Madeline’s scar might have looked like. They even thought it was real for a moment! Then, they wanted me to draw on their bellies too, and for the rest of the day they proudly showed me where their appendix is located.

We also read a few books about anatomy, and staying clean/not spreading germs.

I had my oldest lay down on some blank paper and traced around his body. Then we cut it out and hung it up on our wall. I found a free printable of the digestive system from this site and my plan is add to it as we go.


I found this guide to help us all learn how to draw Madeline, and I gave the kids a picture of the Eiffel Tower to color. They found Paris, France on the map again, and I asked my 5 year old to narrate the story of Madeline from memory while I typed it out for him. I am always amazed at the amount of detail he remembers.

Finally, as a special treat I let them watch this version of Madeline on youtube.

If you’re interested in following along next week, we will be rowing Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. I will be posting our progress on Instagram

And as always, we are using The Good and The Beautiful for our math and reading.

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