Poetry Teatime: A Violet Flower Study with Chickie and Roo’s Flower of the Month Club

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When my friend Lauren from Chickie and Roo asked me if I wanted try out her February flower of the month club, I was thrilled! And because her flower lessons are relatively short, I knew it would be perfect for a special afternoon poetry teatime.

We’ve been saving these lemon cookies for just the right occasion and served them with chamomile tea. It was a simple and beautiful violet themed teatime complete with a picture study, poem, and ended with an art project.
Lauren already included everything that we needed for the picture study, but I printed out a few more paintings so we could pass them around the table. My seven year old and I took turns reading the sweetest poem and then we learned a few interesting facts about Violets. Did you know there are over 500 species of Violets found throughout the Northern Hemisphere?
After the picture study, we were prompted to try and recreate the painting called Bouquet of Violets by Edouard Maet. Lauren also included a beautiful coloring page that I printed on card stock for them to paint.

poetry teatime picture study

Have you ever tried poetry teatime? Typically we just read poems, or a few chapters from a family read aloud. Sometimes we enjoy making up our own stories using story cards. It’s truly the highlight of our day!

Lauren’s Flower of the Month Club is a digital subscription for $1.99/mo and is 5 pages. You can purchase it at her website, and follow along on her Instagram where she documents her homeschooling journey, and shares other wonderful resources.

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  1. Alexandra

    How lovely. Do you have the cookie recipe somewhere to share? I’d love to know it as I recently re-discovered some vintage cookie stamps in my kitchen. XO – Alexandra

    1. Keri Botch

      I should have mentioned what they are! They’re lemon Girl Scout cookies, but I think any shortbread cookie recipe would work for stamping. 🙂

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