The Tale of Peter Rabbit Unit Study Guide using A Year of Tales

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This week we read The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter again, but this time we enjoyed using the beautiful unit study guide called A Year of Tales. 
During our spring/summer months of school, we still like to stay busy and keep the same routine. However, I do change our curriculum up a little bit and we really enjoy learning through picture books. 

I wanted to give a run down of what we did for two reasons: I like to have something like this to look back on for memories sake and maybe seeing an outline of our weekly lessons might be helpful for you in some way. 

Every morning before or even with breakfast we’ll gather for morning basket. This is when we all learn about the same topics as a family. To read more about our morning basket we used with A Gentle Feast,  click HERE

Morning time plans for the week always include some form of the following:

Copywork/writing practice
Picture/Composer Study 
Foreign Language
Natural History

Broken down, here’s what we did each day of the week using the AYOT guide. You should know there were things I left out, and things that I added in. That’s the beauty of any guide though isn’t it? They provide wonderful ideas that I can make work for us.

Morning Time:
Psalm 105:1-3
Picture Study: selected picture study from A Year of Tales guide

Table Time :
(Lessons are done daily with each child independently) math, lang arts, and narration 

Beatrix Potter Biography. We watched THIS picture book on YouTube

Book Basket:
Read: The Tale of Peter Rabbit. 
Learned new vocabulary words and discussed the importance of obedience, rules/trust. For fun, we did a trust fall.

Read: The Wind the Willows. We are very slowly reading through THIS unabridged edition, and the illustrations are beautiful.
Eat: Popcorn


Morning Time:
Character: Leading Little Ones to God chapter 1
Poem Memory work: Whole Duty of Children by Robert Louis Stevenson

Natural History: Rabbits vs. Hares. Read from our Vintage Encyclopedia Britannica and THIS article from Nat Geo.

Table Time 
Math, lang. arts, narration

Locate England on a map. We love our scrunch map

Nature Study:
Draw in our nature notebooks what we learned about rabbit vs. hares.

Book: The Stories Julian Tells
Eat: Popcorn with chocolate chips. Homemade pudding would have been perfect if you’ve ever read this book. 😉

keri botch homeschool notebooking a year of tales

Morning Time:
Habit: Obedience lesson #1 from Laying Down the Rails. I have books 1, 2 and the parent guide. 
Hymn: God our Loving Father
Spanish lesson 

Table time:
Math, lang arts, narration

Discussed life and style of the early 1900’s. Fashion and popular games that children played.

Book Basket:
Read: A few picture books we hand about gardening and farms.

None today

keri botch home and school poetry teatime a year of tales


Morning basket
Habit: Obedience using Laying Down the Rails lesson 2
Composer: Colin Towns. We listened to his soundtrack of Beatrix Potter.

No table time today


Watched a video of The Cotswolds and the Hilltop Farm and documentary of Beatrix potter on YouTube

Book Basket:
None today. We planted wildflower seeds instead. 

No teatime

keri botch poetry teatime home and school a year of takes


Morning Basket (during breakfast today):
For Fun: Read from our vintage encyclopedia Britannica. We’re going through them slowly, reading one topic a week. This is completely random and we love it! It’s like a surprise topic every week and if we find something super interesting, then we take some extra time on it. This week was about a baby’s first year of life. They learned about the different developmental stages they go through as they grow. 

Table time:
Catching up from yesterday but we usually don’t do table time on Friday.

Book Basket:
Kids choice! They each chose a picture book. 

Art/End of week narration:
Tell the story of Peter Rabbit and illustrate it in their narration books.

Poetry teatime:
Read: a selected poem from AYOT and I also read their narrations aloud.
Eat: blueberry pie and chamomile tea.

Watched this video of The Tale of Peter Rabbit on Youtube. 

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