Storm in the Night Unit Study Guide with Five in a Row

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The kids and I read Storm in the Night by Mary Stolz and used Five in A Row study guide to learn more about cloud formation, safety, relationships, descriptive language, and the five senses.
(The Bible, Composer, Picture Study, and Teatime were not part of FIAR). 

Day 1

Philippians 4:6-7

Picture Study:
The Storm on the sea of Galilee by Rembrandt 

torm in the Night by Mary Stolz and discussed the relationship between Thomas and his Grandfather. My kids talked about the relationship they have with their own Grandparents. I also told them a particular story from my childhood of when I was scared and how I overcame that fear.

Language Arts Lesson:
Contrasting descriptive sentences (a lesson from FIAR) and we also made up our own sentences. This was challenging and fun!
By the way, my kids were really put off by this poem pictured below. They insisted that the word “child” should be changed to “people”.


Bible story:
The Storm on the sea of Galilee read from The Jesus Storybook Bible

Revisited the 5 senses, in particular the sense of hearing and sense of touch. 
In the story Thomas talks about how he can hear everything so much better in the dark and his Grandfather points out that it’s because his other senses are dulled. We closed our eyes and listened really hard to all the sounds around us. The howling wind, the sounds of the trees blowing outside, their dad placing his coffee cup on the table.

Sense of touch was fun! I placed these random items pictured below  in a pillow case and the kids took turns feeling the items without looking at them. They had the best time trying to guess what they grabbed. I added things like an orange, light bulb, pencil, toy dinosaur, doll, makeup brush, baseball hat, etc.
If you’re interested, you can also check out our sense of taste experiment we did with Lentil HERE


Emergency Preparedness:

I handed this lesson over to their dad. He did a wonderful job teaching the kids about what to do/where to go during different emergency scenarios. He put together go-bags for each us with things like an emergency blanket and towl, soap, a flashlight,  waterproof writing notebook/pen, a list of emergency contact numbers, water filter straw, a pack of freeze dried food, toothpaste/toothbrush etc.
I also had the kids create a journal entry with all the information they learned. This will have to be something that we talk about often. We will spend all of next week talking about emergency preparedness.


Antonio Vivaldi- Storm 

We read about different cloud formations and about what causes a thunderstorm.

Nature Journal:
The kids added an entry to their nature journals about cloud formations and storms.



Art and Teatime:
We practiced drawing different facial expressions, and also added an illustrated narration from Storm in the Night. We made chocolate chip cookies for teatime. 

And that’s a wrap! 

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